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        3. IBC塑料集裝噸桶使用說明書

          • 分類:行業新聞
          • 作者:智旺實業
          • 來源:行業資料
          • 發布時間:2023-02-06 11:12
          • 訪問量:0


          • 分類:行業新聞
          • 作者:智旺實業
          • 來源:行業資料
          • 發布時間:2023-02-06 11:12
          • 訪問量:0


          一、灌裝及儲存 Filling and storage


          Open the cap of the filling port and fill in the liquid from the top.


          2、插入外徑140mm管灌裝,最大灌裝量至桶身最高線。                   Insert a pipe with an outer diameter of 140mm for filling, and the maximum filling amount reaches the highest line of the barrel body.  


          3、注意遮蓬貯存、避免高溫、暴曬,儲存溫度-18到40。                   Pay attention to awning storage 、avoiding high temperature and exposure  to the sun , storage temperature -18 to 40.   



           Tighten all seals before transportation.

          二、排 液 Drain


          The container is designed to discharge liquid by gravity., When discharging liquid ,the top filling cap should be opened first to prevent negative pressure of the container.                                                                                              

          2、旋下放料閥螺紋蓋,撕去密封,如使用閥門接管,將其套在螺紋蓋中,并連同墊圈一起裝回放料閥擰緊。                                                        Screw down the thread cap of the baiting valve, tear off the seal, if using the valve to take over, put it in the thread cap, and install the baiting valve with the washer and tighten it.                                                                              


          Remove the closed screw under the discharging valve and turn the valve handle forward (clockwise) to begin discharging.                                                                                                            

          4、放料完畢后,請逆時針關閉閥門,裝上緊閉螺絲,旋緊放料閥密封蓋和灌裝口蓋。                                                                                         After discharging, please close the valve counterclockwise, install the closed screw, tighten the sealing cap of discharging valve and filling cap.

          三、注意事項 Notes 


          Users should pay attention to the chemical compatibility of the liquid and the raw materials of the product when using it.                                                                          

          2、本產品是底部提升,不允許頂部提升。                                        This product is bottom lift and does not allow top lift.                                                            

          3、禁止使用硬物敲擊或撞擊桶體,操作閥門時要輕關輕放,不要遺失閥門的任何部件。                                                                         It is forbidden to use hard objects to knock or hit the barrel body. When operating the valve, turn it off gently and do not lose any parts of the valve.  


          Our factory will not be responsible for the loss caused by failure to comply with the above regulations and other wrong operations.

          四、運輸或裝載 Transport or loading

          1、使用中型散裝容器包裝進行運輸時,請務必執行《國際海運危險貨物規則》補充本中《貨物運輸組件(CTUs)的裝載指南》的各項規定。                                                                                            When using medium bulk containers for transport, be sure to comply with the provisions of the Loading Guide for cargo Transport Components (CTUs) in this supplement to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.                                                                                            

          2、IBC-1000L集裝桶的灌裝密度最大為1.9,在運輸中,灌裝貨物密度小于1.6時,允許2層運輸,第二層最大質量1659kg;在密度大于1.6時,只可單層運輸。                                                                The IBC-1000L container has a maximun filling density of 1.9, During transportation, when the density of filling goods is less than 1.6, 2 layers are allowed to be transported,and the maximum mass of the second layer is 1659kg. When the density is greater than 1.6, it can only be transported in single layer.


          五、日常維護和檢查 Routine.maintenance and inspection

          1、在熱灌裝時,應待液體冷卻至常溫時,再擰緊桶蓋。                     In the hot filling, the liquid should be cooled to room temperature, then tighten the barrel cover.


          2、嚴禁閥門和內容器受到外力沖擊和碰撞。在重新灌裝前,必須對返回容器的狀態進行仔細檢查、確認是否有影響繼續使用的不安全因素。                                                                                             The valve and internal container are strictly prohibited from being impacted or collided by external forces. Before re-filling, the state of the returned container must be carefully checked to confirm whether there are unsafe factors affecting the continued use.











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